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It's really quite simple. We spend a great deal of time and money exploring new fisheries. We love this part of our job and since all of us at AD are diehard anglers, we are dedicated to exploring worldwide angling opportunities. For us, that's the fun part of our work! The hard part comes into play when we try to spread the word about a great new destination. All too often, we find ourselves caught in a classic "Catch 22". If we publish an advertisement in a fishing magazine or post a trip report on our website, we have unfortunately "let the cat out of the bag". Much to our dismay, often it doesn't take long for this new fishery to be "discovered".

Sometimes local fishermen see anglers arriving and they start calling themselves guides. Our competition is only too willing to jump on the bandwagon with these new "guides" and soon this great new spot is overrun, and often overfished. Sometimes governments or local entrepreneurs are alerted to the potential of a destination by our marketing and big resorts are built designed to rake in the big cash. Of course the resource gets hammered, but who cares, money is to be made!!

We are left frustrated and yes, a bit angry. It's a maddening thing to see a great fishery exploited often with not even a glance at the proper carrying capacity of the resource.

We know it is frustrating for the traveling angler too. You find a great spot, one that you would like to return to many times, but soon the destination is in every catalog and your "secret" spot is now the "hot" spot. So what do we do?

Well, here's an idea. With a nucleus of willing anglers, a short shelf life of some "marketed" destinations and our competition watching our every move, we are going to institute a new program we are calling DESTINATION X. For it to work though, we need YOUR cooperation... more on this in a moment.

DESTINATION X will go like this: An appropriate DX fishery will be added to the DESTINATION X web page. These DX fisheries will not be well known. They may be spots we have discovered and just filed away for later use or they may be spots that were once known, but now have fallen off the angling map for various reasons. We may plan only one week or perhaps a few weeks of trips to these places. We may use a "hit and run" approach. To put it another way, we will fish the area cherry picking the best times and tides and then let the fishery recover the rest of the year. We may go back the following year or we may not. We may use a live-aboard yacht as our base or we may set up a tent camp. We may stay in a local hotel or base ourselves out of a resort. Some destinations may be guided some may not. To put it differently, each trip will be unique.

We will never publicize the exact location of any DESTINATION X. There will be no maps leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to the fishery and no GPS coordinates. We will publish no advertisements describing where these destinations are. We will do no magazine articles, TV shows or promotions that tell a wider audience where these spots exist. In other words, we are going to try and keep our mouths shut and fly "under the radar"!

This is where you come in. We're going to ask visiting anglers to do the same! That means no trip reports... good or bad. No "Angling Report" articles, no Internet trip reports. We will ask trip participants to keep as quiet as humanly possible about these destinations. We know we can't enforce this, but we can ask for a gentleman's agreement and we think most dedicated, hardcore anglers will see the logic in all this. If you don't agree or can't promise your cooperation, please don't sign up.

But if this idea makes sense to you (and you find yourself muttering to yourself, "It's about time"), please continue. Our goal is simple. We want to offer adventuresome anglers some remote and unpressured fishing opportunities and not destroy them in the process. If you think these trips may be right for you and are willing to "step outside the box" please log in and have a look at DESTINATION X.

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