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If your dream includes exploring the Bahamas beautiful, secluded bonefish flats, challenging arctic char or Pacific salmon in Alaska, or packing into breathtaking mountain lakes and streams for rainbow trout, Angling Destinations has carefully selected accommodations ideally suited to both the serious sportsman and their families.
Powerful rainbow trout, feisty arctic char, colorful dolly varden, elegant grayling and five species of Pacific salmon draw anglers to Alaska year after year. Whether you choose a luxurious full fly-out lodge or a wilderness tent camp or a remote river float trip, our 25 years guiding and fishing in Alaska insures we'll get you to the right place at the right time.

For the sport angler, there are really three Argentinas. While the entire mid-section of this vast nation is universally known for its excellent Montana-like trout fishing, fewer anglers know that at Argentina's southern tip, sea run browns provide superb opportunities in an environment reminiscent of a wind-swept Alaska. And finally, if you travel north towards the equator, anglers are presented with the third option of pursuing one of the world's greatest gamefish, the golden dorado, in a subtropical climate complete with caiman and anaconda.

These lovely islands ride a shallow sea stretching from Florida to just north of Haiti. For the fly and light tackle angler, the Bahamas often seem to have been created just for them. Easy to reach, and yet off the beaten path, these beautiful islands offer some of the best bonefishing available in the world today.

Remote and beautiful, Belize is a fisherman's paradise. From beautiful Turneffe Atoll to the tarpon rich waters of Ambergris Cay to the mysterious permit flats in the south, Belize provides incredible saltwater angling opportunities for such legendary species as bonefish, tarpon, snook and the elusive permit.

In the thousands of tributaries of the Amazon River grow some of the most exotic and ferocious fish on earth. From the Dracula-toothed payara to the huge "tarpon of the Amazon", the piraucu, the gamefish of the Amazon are nasty bunch. Visiting anglers can count on catching these and lots of other colorful species, but the reason most anglers come to the Amazon Basin is the legendary peacock bass... and the best place to catch a big peacock on a fly is at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.There are three species of peacock bass present in the waters this well-positioned lodge fishes: the butterfly or borboleta, the spotted or paca and the temensis or acu. The butterfly peacock averages 4-5 pounds, are easily caught and provide the "quantity" between chances at the prime time players, the spotted and temensis peacocks which grow up to 25 lbs. These apex predators are an absolute thrill on a fly rod. When you visit the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, not only are you in the heart of peacock bass country, on a river that offers perhaps the best sightfishing opportunities for peacocks in the world, but the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is beautiful, the rooms comfortable and the staff happy and hardworking. Add to that great guides, delicious food and a great bar and you have a recipe for one of the great angling experiences available in the world today!

British Columbia
Found in the far west of Canada, the province of British Columbia covers a massive area and includes some of the finest fishing opportunities found anywhere in the world. For the traveling angler, where the Rocky Mountains leave Montana and snake northwest to form British Columbia's eastern border with Alberta, you'll find some of the best pure trout fishing to be found anywhere in North America.

Christmas Island
The fact that virtually every fly angler has heard of Christmas Island is far from a coincidence. Amidst the vast inventory of the world's saltwater destinations, Christmas Island is a unique natural masterpiece that combines all the elements critical to fly-fishing success, that is: endless hard-bottomed sand flats, remarkable numbers of cruising bonefish and trevally and consistent year round tropical weather. As such, Christmas Island is on most experienced angler's list of the top five bonefish destinations worldwide.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica, or the "rich coast" in English, lives up to its name in many ways. It is a land of high mountains, dense jungles and incredible natural wonders. Costa Rica is bordered on the north by Nicaragua and on the east by Panama. With coasts on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, this small democratic nation is a fisherman's paradise and is legendary for its shots at roosterfish, sailfish and a host of other bluewater and inshore species.

Kamchatka, Russia
The lucky few that have visited the Kamchatka Peninsula call it an Alaska of 75 years ago... others describe Kamchatka as the last great tract of unspoiled wilderness left in the world. But all agree that this massive peninsula and its huge native rainbow trout, feisty artic char and prolific runs of salmon is just waiting to be explored by adventurous anglers.

Los Roques
Los Roques is a great bonefish destination for anglers who like to pursue big bones while wading. This stunning archipelago offers both pancake flats and classic white sand flats that are reminiscent of Christmas Island. Excellent guides and bigger than average bones all in an absolutely beautiful environment make this a not-to-be-missed trip.

The fish rich waters of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula stretch from the tarpon hotspot of Isla Holbox in the north to the rarely fished flats of Chetumal Bay in the south. In between, countless bays, channels and flats provide one of the world's best habitats for the grand slam flats species: the bonefish, the courageous tarpon and the elusive permit.

Taimen have bragging rights as the largest member of the salmonid family. They are renowned for their size, ferocious appetites and heart stopping strikes. Watching a four-foot taimen propel its entire body out of a gin clear stream to slam a dry fly and then playing this monster to hand is truly a life altering experience. Mongolian taimen typically average over three feet. It's not uncommon to encounter monsters over four feet and the river we fish holds behemoths reaching over five feet. In addition, this river produces phenomenal numbers of grayling and two types of trout: lenok and the Manchurian trout. Some might venture to this area of Mongolia for only the trout fishing and be satisfied, but when you add in that this may be the best spot in the world for giant taimen, you have a world-class angling destination.

Montana, Wyoming & Idaho
It is with good reason that Angling Destination's headquarters are in Sheridan Wyoming, 20 minutes from the Montana border. We are convinced that the American West's prolific trout fisheries are on par with any country in the world. We can help you sort through all of the conflicting reports with an eye on critical seasonal implications to get you to the right river at the right time.

We were one of the first groups to explore the Seychelles and report back to the angling community on the incredible bonefishing to be found there. We continue to explore the more remote atolls and are the best qualified to help you plan your trip. If you choose to make the commitment of time, energy and money, you will be rewarded with incredible beauty and the best bonefishing on planet earth!

South Pacific
The South Pacific is one of the most beautiful spots on the fly fishing globe. Picture perfect coral atolls hold not only trophy bonefish, but a host of other species from trevally to tuna to marlin. With only a few atolls yet explored, the angling potential of this extensive area is virtually unlimited. Located near the equator and only 7 hours from Los Angeles, the South Pacific is the ideal spot for a mid-winter angling getaway
















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