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Montana, Wyoming & Idaho
The American West serves up spectacular scenery, is easy to reach and offers angling opportunities on par with the best trout destinations anywhere in the world. Majestic landscapes, beautiful rivers and feisty trout are the reason we love the West and with our years of experience we can get you to the right river at the right time.

Private Access Ranches
If you love small streams, wild trout, and no other anglers in sight, this is your bell ringing. Angling Destinations' exclusive leases on many exquisite small streams insures a private, productive and personal angling experience for you and your guests.

Flatiron Troutfitters
Deep in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains lay many spectacular lakes and streams that are hard to reach, but offer superb dry fly fishing for native trout. Because of the logistical difficulties potential visitors encounter, these alpine lakes and streams see only a handful of anglers each year. Flatiron Troutfitters runs very well-organized horsepack trips that explore these areas safely and in comfort.

Bozeman, Montana
If there is a geographical center of "Big Sky Country", it lies near Bozeman, Montana. Located in the southwestern portion of this magnificent state, Bozeman is considered by many experienced fishermen to be THE destination for western angling. Take a short tour of the waters that surround Bozeman and find out why this area is so well regarded by in-the-know anglers.
Helena, Montana
Montana is a big state and it is absolutely jam-packed with great trout water! Sure, anglers have heard about the legendary Madison and Yellowstone Rivers and most anglers know about the Twin Bridges and Ennis areas and virtually everyone has heard of the Bighorn and Gallatin Rivers. But one of the least known and yet best areas is in the Helena-Wolf Creek-Craig triangle. While many experienced anglers know of the incredible fishery found on the Missouri River, this phenomenal area offers an abundance of other world-class angling opportunities.

Healing Waters Lodge
Montana has a reputation around the world for superb trout fishing. And this reputation is certainly well deserved. This magnificent state offers anglers so many amazing trout opportunities that it is often hard to know where to begin one's explorations. If this is your dilemma, Healing Waters Lodge offers a great and very comfortable place to start!

Gallatin River Lodge
It is no secret that Montana offers superb trout fishing. But Montana is a big state and visiting anglers often find it difficult to know where to go? We think that when you are planning your next fishing vacation to Montana, it is a good idea to pick an area that offers lots of different streams and rivers to explore, as well as a spot that offers good home waters opportunities for after hours fishing. One of the best spots for both is with the Gallatin River Lodge. Great home water, lots of water to explore, superb guides, delicious dining and a very comfortable lodge and accommodations make the Gallatin River Lodge a top choice for your next Montana expedition.





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