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Water Cay Bonefish Lodge
Easy to reach, yet remote and virtually unfished... could there be a better combination? The vast area surrounding Grand Bahama Island's Water Cay has been largely forgotten because of the damage caused by past hurricanes and the lack of road access to the area. We have always known the habitat that surrounds Water Cay to be an untapped treasure and we have tried for years to resurrect this area by encouraging existing outfitters to fish the area. Having had little or no success, we are now doing it ourselves! So if you have a weekend or a week, come to Water Cay and experience a bonefishing bonanza that is very easy to reach!

Ragged Island Lodge
If you were to look for the most remote spot in all the Bahamas, you would look no further than the Jumento Cays which terminate in the south at Ragged Island. This collection of beautiful little cays and cuts have no scheduled air service and there is only one settlement at Duncan Town. Here, 60 isolated souls live a subsistence lifestyle counting on the sea's bounty to get them through. For the right angler, Ragged Island and the sprawling Jumento Cays to the north, offer a heady brew of unfished angling opportunities making it a light tackle angling paradise.

The Villas at Crooked Island
Bordered by a pristine blue water reef just offshore, the spectacular northwest corner of Crooked Island has a sleepy "out-island" feel. For adventuresome anglers, The Villa's provide budget-minded anglers with excellent bonefishing opportunities in Crooked Island's most remote areas... and a comfortable base to return to each evening after another great day on the flats.

Abaco Lodge
The Marls of Abaco... mention these two words to the experienced flats fisherman and be prepared to see his eyes light up as he begins a discourse that usually begins with “A maze of seemingly endless turtle grass sand flats...” and often ends with “virtually unexplored and unfished.” Opened in 2009, the Abaco Lodge offers the best way to fish this fantastic area.

Swain's Cay Lodge
For anglers who want to fish the South and Middle Bights of Andros, the best spot to be visit is Swain’s Cay Lodge. This beautiful lodge is located on a long white sand beach and is within easy striking distance of each bight. From Swains’ Cay you can easily fish the ocean-side flats, as well as, both the South and Middle Bights... on consecutive days if you choose! And not only does Swain’s Cay offer fishing to satisfy the most diehard of fishermen, it also offers amenities to please their non-angling companions and spouses.

Big Charlie's Lodge
For anglers wishing to fish the North Bight of Andros, the best spot to visit is Big Charlie’s Lodge at Cargill Creek. In 2009, Charlie Neymour and his wife Fatiha moved their lodge operations from Behring Point to this new facility in Cargill Creek. Charlie and his hand-picked team of guides is one of the best guide cadres in all of the Bahamas. They, of course, fish the North Bight which encompasses a huge and prolific area in itself, but they also have great access to the productive ocean side flats that run up the east side of Andros, as well as excellent access to the wild West Side of Andros.

Grey's Point Bonefish Inn
With a new clubhouse and new air-conditioned rooms, this family owned lodge is the best spot in the Bahamas if you want excellent, extensive flats out-the-front-door. Good food and warm hospitality make this one of our top choices for those seeking the remote and unfished corners of the world.

North Andros Fly Fishing
In the Joulter Cays, the flats are mainly hard, white sand making this area an ideal spot for anglers who like to wade. We feel the best way to access this are is with North Andros Fly Fishing located in Nichol’s Town. Comfortable accommodations, great guides, good equipment and delicious food make this spot a sure winner.

Deep Water Cay Club
Deep Water Cay was founded in 1958 by two men searching for the very best place for world-class bonefishing. Sportsman, avid fisherman and renowned fishing guide, Gil Drake, and avid angler and editor of Field and Stream, A.J. McClane, started this lodge on the small private island off Grand Bahama. Deep Water Cay is where generations of anglers have come for the legendary flats fishing and to take their places alongside their fathers and grandfathers and some of the world’s most famous anglers. Some of the Bahamas best guides are at the Cay too, descendants of the original guides and legends in their own right.

Greenwich Creek Lodge
Long Island offers anglers a huge habitat consisting of numerous white sand flats, hidden creeks and pale turquoise channels. This island is perfect for anglers seeking lots of shots at bonefish. Greenwich Creek Lodge is a small comfortable lodge with air-conditioned rooms and offers delicious Bahamian food that includes many out-island seafood favorites. This may be a budget vacation, but Long Island is known for its top notch angling opportunities and may be the best spot in the Bahamas if you love to wade fish.

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge
If you drive all the way south on South Andros Island, you'll come to the small settlement at Mar's Bay. Here, Bill Howard runs Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge and provides visiting anglers the best lodge-based access to the southern tip of Andros and the fantastic creeks that lie in between. Grassy and Hawk's Nest Creeks are within easy reach and the legendary flats of Jack Fish Channel, Water Cay and Curley Cut Cay are within a 25-45 minute run from the lodge. We consider Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge to be one of the Bahama's top choices for adventuresome anglers and merits your close attention.

Rickmon Bonefish Lodge
This lodge has consistently earned high praise from experienced anglers. Sandy Point is one of the premier bonefish destinations in the world and this lodge provides the most comfortable headquarters from which to explore the area. We work with the best independent guides in Sandy Point to guarantee you'll get more shots at the island's big bones.

Mayaguana Island
Found in the most remote corner of the Bahamas, Mayaguana Island is truly virgin territory for adventuresome anglers. But make no mistake, this is a trip for experienced anglers only. If you can spot fish and are confident in your skills, perhaps you should consider visiting this last great unexplored island in the Bahamas chain. Anglers quietly self-guide into one of the Bahama's most beautiful and productive creek systems via 16' canoes. A small comfortable hotel with A/C and private bath serves as your headquarters.

Crooked Island Lodge
This lovely small resort hidden deep in the southern Bahamas is perfect for dedicated anglers and more adventuresome couples seeking a mixed-bag of flats, reef and offshore fishing opportunities. Extensive hard-bottomed flats teemimg with naive bonefish lie within easy reach of the 600 fathom Crooked Island Passage and its wahoo, tuna and dorado making this island our best bet if you seek angling diversity in the Bahamas.

Destiny II Liveaboard
There is just no other way to describe her, the Destiny II is a beautiful boat. With her 60' mast rising off a spacious main deck and turned into the wind at anchor, she literally gleams in the sun. Below deck, she is as pretty as topside. Solid and stable under sail, she is as perfect a platform for adventure fly fishing as can be imagined.

East End Lodge
East End Lodge sits in the middle of some of the best flats fishing in the Bahamas. Located at the far east end of Grand Bahama Island this small lodge offers an experienced guide team, quality boats, comfortable accommodations and home-cooked meals. All at a very reasonable price! East End Lodge is the perfect spot for family fishing trips, small corporate retreats, or short weekend getaways. With numerous short flights daily to the island from the states, this lodge is easy to reach, yet sits in a remote area far away from the hustle and bustle of Freeport.

Bahamas Budget Opportunities
For anglers on a budget, here is an overview of angling opportunities that may require some sacrifices in the way of creature comforts, but still offer great fishing at a very affordable price. All of these destinations offer very comfortable accommodations and good, if not gourmet, meals. We have also selected these spots because all offer extensive hard-bottomed flats and prolific fisheries.

Bair's Lodge
This is one of the top lodges in the Bahamas. They have corralled the island's best guides to explore the extensive and prolific creeks of South Andros. If you are looking for lots of shots at fish, great accommodations and sensational food, this is it.

H2O Bonefishing
Headquartered in a luxurious hotel that offers complete resort amenities, H2O Bonefishing is a great choice for the angler who wants to bring along non-fishing family and friends. This program provides outstanding flats fishing opportunities to the dedicated angler, and at the same time allowing for plenty of activities for the non-angler. While you're out pursuing the islands big bones, you'll relax knowing your family and friends are having a great time.

Great Inagua Island
Inagua is the third largest and most southerly island in the Bahamas chain. Inagua's extensive interior lake teems with tarpon and snook, while the exterior flats hold permit and bonefish, making this island the most unique fishery in the Bahamas.

Tranquility Hill
The North Bight of Andros is where it all started and Tranquility Hill Lodge is our choice if you want to explore this world famous fishery. With great food, genuine Bahamian hospitality and one of the best fishing programs in the Bahamas, Tranquility Hill Lodge will insure you experience the best of Andros Island.

Grand Bahama Bonefishing LTD
Now you can experience bonefishing at its very best and enjoy all of the comforts and amenities of luxury living at the same time. These very experienced guides are rated as some of the best in the Bahamas. All of this adds up to great angling for you and a perfect spot for non-angling friends and family.

Mangrove Cay Club
This state-of-the-art bonefish facility opened its doors only a year ago and already owns an outstanding reputation. Built with the discriminating angler in mind, this beautiful lodge was strategically placed to access within minutes the prolific and pristine flats on Andros Island's remote west side.






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