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  Bair's Lodge

If you are an experienced flats fisherman you've no doubt heard about Andros Island. There are probably more fishable flats on this island than anywhere else in the world. Traditionally, most of the angling attention was focused on the North island, but the real unexplored and least fished areas lies to the south and west. South Andros is a maze of mangrove wetlands, deep inland creeks and meandering lagoons and bights. It is all perfect bonefish habitat and the main characters show up in incredible numbers. Because of the significant interest South Andros has drawn from the angling community, there have always been a few small guesthouses trying to capitalize on all this attention.

Over the years, these small lodges have come and gone. Most of these operations have had very inexperienced guides and/or poorly organized operations. Angling Destinations has rarely booked our clients with any of these operators - we felt we just couldn't count on the overall consistency of the experience.

There has been one important exception! Back in 1997, near picturesque Little Creek, a small resort was started by an American couple from Atlanta, Georgia. Andy and Stanley Bair painstakingly renovated a lovely home and established a small, well run bonefishing lodge. The Bairs quickly earned a loyal following and a great reputation. Bair's Lodge became the ideal situation on South Andros for dedicated anglers and is considered one of the best fishing opportunities in all the Bahamas...period.

In June 2003, Bair's Lodge was sold. Andy and Stanley had worked hard, had made their lodge a huge success and felt it was the right time to move on. Knowing well the new owners, we knew that this was good news... especially since the new owners know a thing or two about how to run a great lodge. Of course, we were sorry to see Andy and Stanley go, but maybe now Andy can get a chance to fish a bit more!

The new owners currently operate several lodges in Argentina, most notably Pira Lodge in the Ibera Marsh and Kau Tapen on the Rio Grande. They are known for their flawless operations, delicious food and excellent service. In fact, the reason they decided to buy Bair's Lodge was because of the proven fishery, the tradition of great hospitality and Stanley Bair's legacy of outstanding cuisine. In addition to sprucing up the place, the new owners purchased new flats boats to give Bair's Lodge devotees better access to the awesome flats and hidden creeks of South Andros. We're very excited about this change and feel confident that the new owners will work hard to continue what Andy and Stanley Bair have created. If interested in this destination, the byword is book early. Bair's Lodge has always enjoyed our highest percentage of rebooking by satisfied anglers... we don't expect this situation to change at all.

The lodge has six, very comfortable, air-conditioned rooms each with private baths. These rooms are perfect for couples or two anglers. They serve excellent Bahamian cuisine with lots of fresh seafood. The lodge employs six excellent guides who are professional, friendly, and know South Andros very well. Because South Andros is such a huge area, guiding is a critical component to a successful fishing trip and Bair's Lodge employs the best guides on the island. In addition, these guides also know how to get through Little Creek to allow anglers to fish to the west side of Andros. This is reason enough to visit Bair's Lodge!

Bair's Lodge is a small, well-run operation. The new owners are committed to personal service. It is located right on the beach and is strategically situated to give the best access to the prolific creeks and cuts of South Andros.

South Andros is a fisherman's paradise and Bair's Lodge offers the best way to explore this pristine habitat comfortably and safely. As the bonefishing world gets busier and busier, Bair's Lodge offers a welcome change from the hype and hub-bub of the larger bonefish mills. Take a step back in time to the classic days when service and hospitality were the number one priority.






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Oct. 1 - Mar. 15Mar. 15 - June 31Days / Nights
$2,650.00$2,850.002 / 3
$3,895.00$4,100.003 / 4
$4,750.00$4,950.004 / 5
$5,295.00$5,495.005 / 6
$5,650.00$5,850.006 / 7
Rates DO NOT include the new 7.5% Bahamian VAT (Value Added Tax).
Single rates available upon request.
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