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  Mayaguana Island

Traditional bonefishing sometimes means long rides in flats boats and long casts to spooky fish. On some of the most famous islands in the Bahamas, the boats are necessary to reach less fished areas and experienced guides are absolutely essential to find these areas. Adventuresome anglers know there is another way. They are willing to kayak into remote areas or to fish islands that have no lodges, guides or infrastructure. They, more often than not, experience incredible angling. The fish are stupid, big and easy to stalk. Forty foot casts are the norm. It is heaven... if you can put up with a diet of beans and rice, camping on the beach and no cold beer. These anglers usually come home bug-bitten and thoroughly exhausted from the physical demands of the trip and yet glowing with satisfaction. They may prefer good food and a comfortable bed, but if it is necessary to suffer a bit in exchange for superb bonefishing, they're game.

For most anglers, those with limited vacation time and no masochistic tendencies, these more rigorous trips are simply out of the question. Instead, they wisely seek out the best lodges on the best islands with the best guides. They may harbor dreams of backcoutry trips, but the realities of putting "out-back" trips together can be daunting and unpredictable. If anglers do their homework and select well, traditional trips are usually very successful and we certainly do a majority of our bonefishing in this way.

But now, experienced anglers have another choice. If you can see fish well, do not really require the services of a guide and are in good wading shape, "outback" experiences are within your reach.

In order to minimize impact and maximize stealthiness, anglers will quietly access some of Mayaguana's flats by using canoes. Anglers will then stalk the bones by careful and quiet wading. There are no guides and therefore no boats (with motors) to disturb the fish... and there are lots of uneducated fish! The flats are reached each day by human power... but you don't have to go far. The flats on Mayaguana are extensive, especially for anglers on foot. Here, big bones slink nervously over sparkling white sand or tail quietly at the mangrove edges following the ancient cycle induced by the ebb and flow of the tidal wash. During a typical ten-hour fishing day, anglers will often be in position to make short casts to tailing and cruising bones.

Now for a very reasonable price, anglers can have full use of the canoes, daily transportation to and from the flats, A/C rooms, all meals and airport transfers. While we don't feel that this experience is for everyone, we do think that if you can see fish well, do not require the services of a guide and are in good wading shape, this might just be your cup of tea!

You will have a Bahamian host at the lodge, but when fishing, you will be on your own. We'll provide you with a suggested itinerary based on tides. The goal is to limit the number of anglers, eliminate the expense of guides and offer a quality angling experience at a very economical price. We think this is a great opportunity for students, adventuresome couples, experienced independent-minded "old salts" and anyone else with perhaps more skill than money!

We will host only eight anglers at any one time on these self-guided, week long adventures. Anglers will stay in a sparkling clean, air-conditioned, beachfront resort. All meals will be provided. Lunch will be packed in coolers and taken to the flats along with plenty of water, snacks and assorted non-alcoholic beverages of your choice. Dinner is a nightly sampling of traditional Bahamian cuisine.... nothing fancy, but certainly tasty and filling.

If you are an experienced angler, in relative good shape and do not need a guide, Mayaguana Bonefishing may provide you with a rare opportunity to explore "the last of the best".






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Double OccupancySingle OccupancyDays / Nights
$1795.00$2895.006 / 7

There are only three flights on Bahamasair into Mayaguana Island each week. These flights are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The flights to and from Mayaguana Island do not always run exactly on schedule. Please leave plenty of time between connections, especially on your return flight. Also, listen closely to the flight announcements while in Nassau.

Beer and some liquor is available on the island. If you want a specific brand or blend, it is best to bring it with you. There is no tackle available on the island; make sure you bring everything you need. This is a very remote area and although every effort is made to provide all amenities and services, we urge you to bring a flexible attitude along with your gear.
Terms and Conditions
Your reservation requires a one half (50%) deposit to hold your space. This deposit is due within 14 days of your booking space. This deposit is non-refundable. Final payment must be made 60 days in advance of the start of your trip. Credit cards are accepted. However, prices quoted are for cash or check only. Please contact us for credit card prices.

Angling Destinations acts only as agents for contractors or owners and outfitters, airlines, charter air, and ground transportation carriers or other services. Payment of funds for fishing and other Angling Destinations trips shall be deemed acceptance and consent of the following conditions. Angling Destinations or any of its affiliates or associated companies shall not be held liable for any loss or damages howsoever caused or arising from services provided by hotels or lodges, outfitters, guides, means of transportation or other services. Baggage and personal effects are the sole responsibility of the traveling client at all times.

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