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Family Horsepack Trip 07-22-2002

Brad Wolfe took his family into the Bighorn Mountains with Flatiron Troutfiters in early July 2002. Scott Heywood joined his family on the same trip a few weeks later. Here are their reports. If you want more information on this great family opportunity, either Brad or Scott would be happy to discuss the details of their trips with you.

Scott's report... July 21-25, 2002:
Our group consisted of three families which included 3 dads, 1 wife and 5 boys ranging in ages from 12 to 30... to that we added 3 wranglers, 9 horses, 2 mules (including the Johnson County Fair mule racing champion a.k.a. Mabel the mule), 6 packhorses, 2 float tubes and enough food to feed an army. Our goal was to catch fish, enjoy the Bighorns Mountains in July and have fun. We more than succeeded. Rusty Bogers and his son Justin organized and executed a wonderful adventure. Thanks guys!

Rusty's Flatiron Troutfitters' high mountain camp was very comfortable, the scenery spectacular, the fishing tremendous and the food abundant and delicious. We visited three lakes and miles of streams. We caught cutthroats, rainbows and brook trout. In addition to fishing, we took lazy afternoon horseback rides to spectacular vistas, hiked, napped and laughed... a lot! Teenage boys can be hilarious, both intentionally and unintentionally. If you are looking for a great family vacation in Wyoming's high country with opportunities for novice anglers to catch lots of fish in a spectacular setting only yards from your tent... this is it... and it's not bad for experienced anglers either!

Brad's report... July 1-5, 2002:
Introducing children to the great out-of-doors can be quite a challenge. As the father of two young children (ages 6 and 11), finding the time to get everyone outdoors can be difficult especially given our hectic schedule. And in today's world, introducing them to the joys of camping and the beauty of the natural world and pulling them away from Nintendo, T.V. and the Internet can be truly daunting. But the only way to do it... is to just do it, so our extended family group of four adults and five kids, ages 4, 6,10,11 and 12 left the civilized world behind on July 1 and made our way up into the wilderness atop a string of pack horses.

After a comfortable journey, we arrived at camp excited and in awe of the spectacular beauty of the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area. Five days later, all my concerns had been long since put to rest as I looked at the rag-tag group of dirty urchins standing before me. They were in heaven! FUN is the best word to describe our time with Rusty Bogers and Flatiron Troutfitters. All the kids caught beautiful brook and rainbow trout, hiked through grand mountain cirques and showed all of us doubting adults, that kids are still kids... and rivers, mountains, horses and fish can put a spell on even the most modern of children! We are already planning a return trip next summer and suggest you consider this adventure for some great fishing and family fun.






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