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Long Island, Bahamas Liveaboard 02-22-1997

"I hiked in the hot sun to the end of a long, sand spit that had been exposed by the falling tide. The moon's pull has revealed this brilliant, white sand bar framed on either side by deep turquoise, then cobalt blue channels. As I finally reached the end of the spit, a flash of silver, then another, caught my eye. I waited patiently on the other side of the spit, kneeling on the soft, wet sand. Finally, as my knees were beginning to feel the strain, a tail once again popped up a foot from shore. The bonefish stood on end, straining to reach a tasty morsel at the bottom of a pothole. I immediately cast across the spit shooting about 40 feet of line. Thirty nine feet of line settled on the sand, one foot of leader and fly entered the water next to the fish. No response, his line was busy. I decided to wait. When his tail disappeared, I stripped my line once and his tail magically reappeared. I knew I had made a long distance connection, but because my line was laying on the sand, I felt no telltale tick. Assuming he had eaten my fly, I strip-striked and he shot off the flat before I could stand on my cramped legs. The fish was well into my backing before my legs regained their feeling. After a few more spectacular runs, I managed to land the fish before a three foot lemon shark zeroed in on his scent. I released my bone on the far side of the spit, far away from the prying nose of the shark. The white sand spits and cuts stretched endlessly off into the distance. I walked on, eagerly prepared to search the entire 200 square miles if I had to." April 1996

At the point where the Jumento Cays curve in and come ashore from the southwest, and the southern Exumas reach out to nearly touch from the north, lies Long Island's Turtle Sound. Finding accurate maps of this area in a cruising guide is difficult and it is not laid out in any detail in any published navigational material. It is a maze of salt pans that run westward from Deadman's Cay meeting a vast area of sandy cays and spits ventilated with azure blue cuts and turquoise channels. It is in this area we have decided to base our live-aboard motherships. This is new fishing territory, one rarely visited from the main island. We have yet to establish the species and sizes of fish to be caught, but we have had great success with medium-sized bones and landed a good number of 7 - 10 pound fish. We have flirted with permit, snorkeled with tarpon, and landed barracuda in the shallows. .

We will keep two vessels in Turtle Sound from which to explore this vast area. In addition to a 50 foot sailing catamaran, we will moor a 54 foot houseboat complete with lounge and bar equipped with a VCR and TV. Between these two vessels we can comfortably accommodate six anglers at a time. In addition to the Bahamian guide's flats boats, we have three kayaks, two inflatable pontooned flatcat boats especially designed for these waters that can either be poled or propelled by electric trolling motors, and a 24 foot, center console Bertram for bottom or blue-water fishing. With all these vessels, we have a great many options available and can accommodate everyone's needs, even non-fishing companions. .

Excellent flats are only 5 - 15 minutes away by skiff. You can fish inside on the maze of salt pans or head outside to the more oceanic flats. We can take the catamaran to even more remote flats and overnight on board to catch an early morning favorable tide. The bottom line is you can fish to your hearts content and never be on the same flat twice. We are very excited about this program and urge you to get in touch with us for more details.

Written by Scott Heywood

P.O. Box 845 • Sheridan, Wyoming 82801 • (P) 800-211-8530 • (F) 307-672-3920
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