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Great Abaco Island, Sandy Point, Bahamas 05-12-1997

"The wind's force had not yet collected itself - it was a perfectly calm morning. A single cloud boiled out of the horizon like a giant fortress. The thunderhead's reflection was carried all the way back to me by the glassy sheen of the ocean's surface. Our concentration was held by a school of bonefish nervously headed our way. Occasionally, they would stop briefly to forage. Their tails would pop to the surface and dart back and forth looking like a fleet of miniature sailboats tacking feverishly into the wind. As the bonefish got closer, one tail seemed to loom above the others. So much for quiet contemplation. I false casted once, then twice, then released my fly on a trajectory that pierced the oily surface only inches away from the spot where I had last seen the biggest tail. Before I could even start my retrieve, my line shot out and I was on the reel. Line started to melt off my reel and I prepared myself for a major battle, but just as suddenly the fish stopped and I began to retrieve line. After another very short run, I landed a 2 pound bonefish.
'Nice job' Patrick said, a big smile spreading across his Bahamian face.
'You managed to catch the smallest fish in the school.'
...Some days humility and honesty are simply forced upon you".

Sandy Point has fished extremely well this winter and spring despite some high winds at certain times. Those fisherman that have avoided the winds often boast twenty plus fish days and almost every group catches a 6-10 pound monster during their stay. The guides Patrick, Derek, Anthony, and Kendall are all receiving rave reviews. Sandy Point continues to be one of the best bargains in the bonefishing world. Dick Brown in Saltwater Fly Fishing Feb/March 1997, named Sandy Point as one of the world's seven best bonefishing destinations. Judging by the number of repeat clients we have for Sandy Point, many of you must agree.

We are very pleased with the improvement of the food service at Sandy Point. Over the winter, with the help of many of our clients, we have made menu suggestions. These suggestions have been taken to heart - our goal is to have everyone be pleased both with the quality and quantity of food service in the dining room. We encourage your suggestions and will do everything we can to make your stay an enjoyable experience.

As many of you know, Patrick Roberts, our head guide at Sandy Point, broke his leg this winter while playing basketball. After a long, difficult winter, Patrick seems to be finally on the mend, and he plans to be guiding full-time again this fall. We wish Patrick a speedy recovery. If you so wish, drop Patrick a line at: GPO Sandy Point, Abaco Bahamas.

Written by Scott Heywood

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