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Commander Charter, Acklins Island 04-17-1998

In April, I was joined by Peter Herrick from Portland, Larry Pierce from Augusta, and Chuck Watson from Bozeman, MT. This was a repeat performance of our spring trip to Acklins Island in 1997.

For the first 3 days we were buffeted by high winds, but everyone still managed to catch 10-25 fish per day. We fished from Snug Corner to The Going Through. The fishing was best on either sides of the low tide and virtually nonexistent at high tide. Then if you listened closely (and the wind wasn't blowing too hard) you could hear fish rooting and splashing deep in the flooded mangroves.

On the fourth day, we motored south to fish Roker Bay and Jamaica Cay. Pete Herrick caught 20 fish in three hours at Jamaica Cay. Larry Pierce enticed a 13 lb. bonefish (30 inches at the fork) to take his little maribou worm near Roker Bay. The fishing was good in the mornings then tapered off as the creeks warmed in the hot subtropical sun.

In spite of tougher weather conditions, this year the fishing was still remarkably good. On Acklins your perspective becomes skewered. A 10 fish day becomes mediocre when a 40 fish day is a distinct possibility. Bad days aren't really as bad as they seem when you add up the number of fish caught, it's just that 12 fish one day pales in comparison to a 25-30 fish day the day before.

Unfortunately, Dave Sloan and Commander Charters have called it quits for next year. Dave Sloan may be doing a land-based operation next year on Acklins - we will keep you informed about this development and others. If you would like a complete synopsis of all bonefishing activity on Crooked/Acklins Islands please give us a call and we'll fill you in.

Written by Scott Heywood

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