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Expanded Recent Adventures

When we come back from a trip, often we have hundreds of interesting photos that we do not have room to post along with the filed trip report on our "recent adventures" page. In this section, we invite you to enjoy a broader selection of great images from some of our travels. Please go to the "recent adventures" page to read the original trip report.

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Agua Boa Amazon Lodge: Brazil 2010

Another great year on the Agua Boa River. This was a very low water year. We had many sightfishing opportunities and at times, it seemed more like bonefishing than fishing on an Amazonian river. The fish were very concentrated and very large. On our week over one hundred 10 + lb. peacocks were landed. Everyone on our trip caught a peacock over 15 lbs. The largest fish of the week was 19 and 3/4 lbs.!

Agua Boa Houseboat: Brazil 2009

This year's trip to the Agua Boa River was a great adventure. In the past, these trips have been a highpoint in the angling careers of all trip members and 2009 was no exception. This year, instead of headquartering ourselves at the lodge, we thought we would try something a bit different and give the houseboat, aptly named the Arowana, a try. The houseboat is moored approximately 40 miles upstream from the lodge and fishes an entirely different section of the Agua Boa River. While this trip report focuses on the houseboat, we encourage you to read our previous trip reports on the lodge, if want more information on which experience is best for you.

Brazil's Agua Boa River: March 2006

The Amazon Basin is one of the world's greatest ecosystems. For the adventuresome angler, this area offers an amazing diversity of species. Many of these species are simply remarkable gamefish and the hard fighting peacock bass takes the lead among this exciting cast of characters. Exotic and beautiful, the Amazon Basin should be on every angler's short list of must-see destinations.

Brazil's Agua Boa River: March 2008

In case it slips your mind, there are constant reminders: a pair of blue and yellow macaws belt out their nails-on-a-blackboard call, a hot-rod blue morpho butterfly flits in the dappled understory light, the silhouette of a black caiman slides off a sand bar, a howler booms an ear-shattering signal to his monkey mates. These and countless other stunning moments remind anyone visiting the Agua Boa River that they are in one of the most pristine tracts of neotropical rainforest in the world.

Mongolia Exploration: September 2008
Although most anglers go for the legendary giant taimen, Mongolia offers maybe the best "trout" fishing in the world for lenok and Amur trout all caught on dry flies! While Mongolia exists on the ragged edge of the known fishing world, this amazing country offers anglers an experience that is only rivaled by Alaska and Kamchatka. Check out the amazing photos Scott shot on his recent September 2008 trip.
Photography by Scott Heywood

Ragged Island Bahamas: May 2008

Scott Heywood and Jason Owens have both recently shared their stories about Ragged Island on our Recent Adventures page. Undoubtedly you'll hear more and more about this incredible place in our upcoming pieces. However, as the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words" so we thought we would share a few more with you just to give you a better flavor for the island, Duncan Town and of course, the fishing. We certainly hope you'll have an opportunity to experience it for yourself.
Photography by Eric Berger

South Andros Island: Sea Hunter Mothership, November 2008

Check out these additional pictures from Scott's recent trip (Nov. 2008) aboard the maiden voyage of the Sea Hunter. Sea Hunter is the perfect vessel from which to fish some of the most remote locations in our favorite bonefish rich nation of the Bahamas.
Photography by Scott Heywood

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